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Logic Apps, Power Automate with Application User


Azure Logic Apps needs no introduction, Microsoft has provided a beast of iPaas1 offering which you cannot ignore. I just love how effortless it is to connect to various platforms / applications using simple connectors and define your integration workflow. Integrating Dynamics 365 with Logic Apps is a breeze because of the presence of first-party connector.

I got myself into an edge scenario where an integration was supposed to be built between SharePoint and Dynamics 365 (yes, we couldn't utilize the OOB2 integration because of varying requirements). The problem was unavailability of Non-Interactive user as they were all consumed with multiple other integrations.

The only feasible option was to create a new Application User and go ahead with the integration. Now, am not going to get into specifics as how how an app user is created, you can go here or here.

The problem with App user is that there are no username and password instead you get a Client ID and Client Secret making it impossible to utilize the out of the box connectors which are available in Logic Apps and Power Automate.

So what should we do?

The solution is very simple, we just have to utilize the HTTP Request action with the below settings and you would be able to call the Dynamics 365 WebAPI and retrieve information.

HTTP Request - Microsoft Azure Logic Apps
  • Method: GET

  • URI: Your Dynamics 365 WebAPI query. For eg:

  • Authentication: Select Active Directory OAuth

    • Authority: You can keep it blank and the system will default to

    • Tenant: Your tenant ID, don't know the tenant ID? head here or here

    • Audience: Dynamics 356 organization URL, eg:

    • Client ID: The Client ID of App that is registered on Azure

    • Credential Type: Choose Secret.

    • Secret: The Client Secret obtained while registering App on Azure

That's really it! You should now receive the CRM data in a nice little JSON format.


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