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There was a problem with your single sign-on account - Omnichannel


Earlier this week I was trying to setup Omnichannel for Customer Service trial on my tenant. Upon successful setup when I tried logging in using one of the agent logins, it went through, however there were some prominent errors.

  • There was a problem with your single sign-on account. Please sign out of all Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and sign in again.
  • Presence loading failed

You can see both the issues in the screenshot below

Single sign-on & presence loading error

It took me a while to figure it out as to what's going on. Wanted to share it with everyone with similar situation.


While setting up the trial, we almost never focus on the part which says Help us protect your account, instead just skip it.

MFA setup screen

In this case, turns out skipping this prompt is the reason why both the errors are shown up.

A simple fix to just go ahead and setup MFA even for the trial account will ensure the sign-in is successful and allow the presence to be loaded.